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Certified Practicising Accountants & Business Consultants
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 Legal & Mission Statement
Proprietor:  Apricot Enterprises Pty Ltd


Postal Address:  PO Box 181, Alderley QLD 4051 Australia
Phone:  +61 0435 076 462



1. Concept
Our aim for this website is to create a cutting edge technology for a traditional business. We offer a commitment of value, information and attention to your needs. Our success depends upon providing paragon customer service. We sincerely hope that you find that this site is beneficial in all aspects and we welcome any and all feedback to the site.
2. About Us.

e are part of the Australian building industry that generates around nearly AUD$15 billion of turnover per year to the Australian economy. This industry employs nearly 500,000 people (ABS Statistics April 2000). For over 30 years it has been challenging and rewarding matching people's dreams with their finances to create a harmony.  We have completed residential, commercial, cyclonic or alpine projects in nearly every state in Australia.  We have put together this website to maximise the information, products and trades that are available throughout the Australian Building Industry.
3. Legal

Oztrades Australia operates a website where you the customer or member can access a database of common contact details. Through this medium you can use modern advances in technology that allow updating and enhancement of business services.

  • Oztrades request that you enter the appropriate details and maintain those details. We do not use this information for any other purpose than to advertise your business. We do not have a mailing list. However you can subscribe / unsubscribe to the forum section through any method on this site whether phone, fax, email or mail. We use cookies in the forum section which are expired within 7 days. We are upgrading the site to expire these on exit.

  • Oztrades does not guarantee the performance or capability of any of the tradespeople, suppliers, advertisers, links, authorities or electronic device/s to access this site.

  • We cannot guarantee third party providers, namely ISP's or electronic devices...etc who provide services for those using this site or other sites. We suggest you use appropriate firewalls, parental controls and antispyware to use the internet.

  • There are Industry Authorities that control the Building process for jobs over a certain value (varies state to state) and we have no authority in that regard. We endeavour to provide links to them when they become available to us by correspondence or through them signing up or as a service to the industry.

  • Oztrades cannot guarantee that any contractor has been contacted through this site so thereby any complaints against a contractor cannot be directed towards this site, it's conveners, agents or employee's.

  • Oztrades does not guarantee or endorse by gender the capabilities of the tradesperson or make representations that they are/are not capable of conducting themselves in a businesslike manner.

  • Any person (USER) (natural or otherwise) applying for membership agrees that they are entering into a contract through this website and related  pages with Oztrades Australia, Apricot Enterprises Pty Ltd and it's employee's (OZTRADES). The USER absolves OZTRADES of any responsibility for a USER action or deed, while, applying for membership, as a financial member or after said application or membership expires. The USER shall not enter into this application without fully disclosing any action, deed or responsibility that may impinge upon OZTRADES, in carrying out it's lawful business. OZTRADES are not a third party to any agreements by a USER and the providers or users of any other services on this site. Any such action by entities or persons or their employee's to advertise such agreements without the written permission by OZTRADES, shall be dealt with in a Court of Australian Law. OZTRADES reserves the right to allow, refuse or revoke any or all applications or memberships, notwithstanding the Common Law of Australia. OZTRADES is by default subject to changes in Government Legislation, so we may have to make changes to this web site to comply upon receipt of appropriate correspondence. We shall advise these changes on our FORUM BOARD.

4. Privacy
nless authorised by you to do so, none of your details will be released to a third party for usage in a mailing list unless this sites integrity is compromised by illegal means which are beyond the determined capabilities and appropriate measures installed in the programs that allow this website to be written and published as a website in its present form. Obviously certain details must be released to a client to establish bona fide's and allow contact. However this is limited to phone, email, websites and the current Australian Laws that preside in this matter. We urge clients to avail themselves of sufficient evidence to satisfactorily complete projects from their chosen contractors. We do not supply addresses in the FREE TRADE SEARCH RESULTS, only contact phone numbers, mobiles or email addresses. We respect your privacy.
5. Oztrades General

We invite everyone to use this site as a powerful tool for their business and to participate through all the forums on this site. Because of the complex nature of using limited keywords in search engines there will appear to be some words that are considered gender specific. There is no intention by this website to agree with this, merely a limitation placed upon us by internet criteria.




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