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Kendall & Associates Pty Ltd
Quantity Surveyors - Project & Cost Management

PO Box 442,
Rock, Vic 3193 AUS
Ph: 61 3 9589 1995
Fx: 61 3 9589 2997
Southern Accounting and Consulting Services Pty Ltd
Certified Practicising Accountants & Business Consultants
PO Box 115, Carlton South, VIC 3053 AUS
Ph: 61 3 9650 3888
Fx: 61 3 9654 1788




 Designers & Developers  
Welcome to our developers page where we will bring australia's past, present and future to you, through the various design's from the traditional through to the futuristic. You may not like everything you see but we intend to stimulate the mind. Far too often clients perceive the designer or developer as being a cost that exceeds their budget and seek the mass produced. Personally, I understand that this form of housing has both good and bad points, namely, to achieve cost effectiveness. But we invite all designers to this site to bring forward their own cost effective, practical designs.
Is it time we looked at our identity and climate and mass production in the form of residential, commercial and other forms of construction? It isn't merely a form of capitalism in owning a house. But more a reward for a lifetime of productivity and teamwork, to create a lifestyle for yourself and the generations that follow.
Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than working with a designer or developer that puts his heart and soul into a design and the builder understands this and replicates not only the clients ideas but the architects. Unfortunately this may appear to be happening less as we lose our identity in a mass market. This is the view of the author and does not intend to reflect upon any current designs or methods, merely a few words to appreciate the work of the designer as they strive to create our dreams. Personally, nothing beats a good set of plans and genuine attitude. 

Please note all designs are copyright of their respective owners








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